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Navigating the aisles of a packed flight often feels like a high-stakes game of Tetris. As overhead bins bulge and passengers' patience frays, airlines face the challenge of balancing space optimization, efficiency and profit. Like overbooked flights, is it a case of chaos by design?

Ian Bogost for The Atlantic

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Climate activists chain themselves to jets, while budget airlines plan expansions without a second thought. With the EU goal of getting the aviation industry to net-zero emissions by 2050, is building new rail infrastructure to replace short-haul flights the right solution?

Philip Georgiadis and Alice Hancock for Financial Times


Global streaming platforms landed in Africa in 2016. Eight years on, Prime Video has alienated local subscribers and is pulling out, but Netflix is doubling down. So, why has Prime Video failed so spectacularly while Netflix continues to thrive in Africa’s streaming wars?

Jesusegun Alagbe for Rest of World


Lots of coworking spaces have gyms. But one venue in downtown Minneapolis is taking it a step further by centering the entire coworking experience around wellness. We’re talking outdoor garden spaces, ergonomic standing desks, midday massages, and only the healthiest of food. All for “just” $1,500 a month. Is this madness, or the future?

Cloey Callahan for Work Life


For every sunkissed week as a beach nomad, there are the days spent struggling to find decent WiFi, the loneliness of solo dinners, and the strange feeling that you're looking for something, even if you’re not sure quite what. It's not always the glitzy influencer life we see on Instagram. Is nomading still worth it?

Dorjee Wangmo for Vice

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