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Retirement, once a distant horizon, is now a dynamic landscape where work, money, and power are being reimagined. The "work-until-you-drop" model is, finally, losing its appeal. It’s a hot button issue, with debates raging about the feasibility of early retirement, the sustainability of social security systems, and the impact of automation on future generations.

But one thing is clear: the conversation has shifted. We're no longer passively accepting the one-size-fits-all retirement model. Instead, we're actively shaping our own paths, designing non-working lives that are diverse, fulfilling and borderless.

This week’s links include news about the EU border system, a podcast episode about redefining the word “retirement” and a prediction for getting paid just for being alive.

Wherever you are in the world right now, have a joyful and productive week.

– Anna at SafetyWing

Foreigners are now able to work remotely in South Korea for up to two years thanks to the country’s new workcation visa. The catch? You need to have an annual income of $66,000 and private health insurance (if only you knew of a good insurance provider…) 

Korea JoongAng Daily

The pandemic exposed an ‘us and them’ dynamic between remote and non-remote workers. Now that we have actual data on this phenomenon, the question is no longer whether the divide exists, but what managers should do about it.

Peter John Lambert et al for Harvard Business Review

Being a nomad isn't about one-size-fits-all living. Some of us couchsurf, others stay in hostels, some in Airbnbs, and others in the Marriott. Turns out the big hotel chains can offer some hidden perks that might make them your next home base.

Daniel George for Business Insider

Shockingly, nomadism isn’t just for millennials and gen Z – boomers are doing it too. The destinations in this list were all picked with a more mature nomad in mind. Each offers excellent healthcare, warm weather and English-speaking locals.

Kathleen Peddicord for Forbes

Every action we take online generates data that AI can use. This raises the question of whether we should be compensated for it. Could we be looking at a future where you don’t just get paid for your work, but for simply being alive?

Dror Poleg for

More and more people are starting to challenge the traditional view of retirement as a passive, end-of-life phase. Instead of a period of idle waiting, could it be re-envisioned as something more?

Isabel Berwick for FT Working It 🎧️

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