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If you've ever felt like your personal knowledge management systems aren’t making you as efficient as you’d hoped, you're not alone. Platforms like Trello, Airtable and Asana might actually create more work than they solve. Can we ditch the digital assembly line? And if so, for what?

Matt Alston for Wired

Therapy bots are the latest trend in office wellness, promising on-demand stress busters for frazzled employees. But is AI really the tool to hold your hand through a meltdown? And is your boss cool with you venting to a machine about their annoying micromanagement?

Corporate Wellness Magazine

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Critics love to blame nomads for everything from the gentrification of housing to local languages becoming less popular. But they also bring new businesses, connections, ideas and cash. So, are nomads saviors or gentrifiers? The answer from these academics might surprise you.

Shaun Busuttil and Olga Hannonen for Pursuit

In the world of taxes, “bend it like Beckham” has taken on a whole new meaning. Spain's Beckham Law, named after the famed footballer, spells a win for foreign workers in the form of significant tax perks. But this goal has left locals unhappy…

Delcanto Chambers


Money: we all use it, but few of us know how to explain it. Philosophy helps us understand why something as simple as a piece of paper can hold so much power simply because we all believe it does.

Brett Scot for Aeon

Like any major holiday, Lunar New Year can be a pressure cooker of unmet expectations, family drama, and even existential dread. The reality of intergenerational celebrations is almost always messy. Maybe the secret to a peaceful experience is to prepare for a feast of emotions…

Kat Chow for NPR

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