"Polyamory" at work?

Plus tax-free countries for nomads

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With a recent ban on non-competes from US regulators, side hustles are set to become a lot more popular. Does “job polyamory” make you better at your main gig? Patreon’s creative lead, who also writes crosswords for The New York Times, thinks so.

Cloey Callahan for WorkLife


Being a nomad comes with a complicated tax situation. Unless you reside in one of these five countries that combine vibrant culture, affordable lifestyles, and tax-free living, that is…

Rachel Wells for Forbes

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A Nobel Prize-winning economist reveals the impact of remote work on gender dynamics and caregiving roles. Could it be the answer to “rewiring male-female relationships” and narrowing the gender wage gap?

Emily Dreibelbis for PC Mag


A whole month of accommodation for $250? A summer in Europe doesn’t have to break the bank. From the sun-kissed beaches of Montenegro to the lakes of North Macedonia, here are this year’s leading destinations for the cost-conscious nomad.

Angela Symons for Euro News


Not on the road right now? Turn your desk into a global dance party with this playlist of chart-topping pop songs from all over the world. Doktor Civanım from Turkey anyone?

Rest of World


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