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One-bag travel is a life philosophy

Tips for a minimalist approach to packing

Welcome to Borderless. Every week, we handpick the best links on digital nomads, remote work and global mobility to help you navigate the quirks of living and working on the internet.

When constant movement is a part of your lifestyle, it makes sense to critically evaluate every item you own.

In the realm of packing advice, one subreddit stands out: r/onebag, a community dedicated to the minimalist art of traveling with a single piece of luggage. One-bagging isn't just a travel hack; it's a life philosophy. The new year presents a perfect opportunity to assess what's been weighing you down – both literally and figuratively.

This week's links include a peek inside the founder of Ethereum’s travel bag, the Malaysian government’s plan to turn the country into a nomad paradise, and National Geographic’s guide to the most unique travel destinations for 2024.

Wherever you are in the world right now, have a joyful and productive week.

– Anna at SafetyWing

Nestled in the mountains, a ski resort is quietly evolving into an unexpected meeting point for global citizens. What is it about this small 10,000-person town in south-west Bulgaria that's attracting hundreds of nomads, and turning it into one of the world's fastest-growing nomad hubs?

Alastair Gill for BBC

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin has turned a backpack into his mobile command center. After a decade living as a digital nomad, he shares the strategies that allow him to pack his entire life into 40 liters, including one simple hack designed to streamline your tech stack…

Vitalik Buterin for vitalik.eth.limo

The relentless pings of laptop notifications, the ambiguity of faceless coworker messages, and the invisible pressure of impressing clients via email – remote life is tough. As a result, Gen Z is anxious, and it's starting to get on their bosses' nerves.

Eve Upton-Clark for Business Insider

People worry remote work leads to reduced productivity, but if the numbers say otherwise, why are managers so fixated on it? Behavioral scientists explain how cognitive biases are impacting the way managers see remote work.

Tony Evans for Psychology Today

Malaysia is known for its futuristic skyscrapers, super-fast wifi, and vivid multiculturalism (especially when it comes to food 🍜). Will improved visa policies help Malaysia rise to become Southeast Asia's leading nomad destination? One government official thinks so.

Mahadhir Aziz for The Edge Malaysia

A 1920s-inspired “midnight train” train from Paris to Berlin, an ambitious rewilding project in Argentina, and the world’s first energy-positive hotel in Norway are some of the new travel experiences on offer in the year ahead.

Rory Goulding and Connor McGovern for National Geographic

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