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Remote work has ushered in a new era of stay-at-home-husbands. We’re seeing more men enter WFH-friendly fields and women choose location-based professions like law and medicine. Could this help close gender gaps?

The Intelligence by The Economist Podcasts

Remote work has gifted many more people the responsibility of juggling Zoom calls and laundry loads. Some remote workers still face skepticism from friends and family about whether they even have a "real job.” Are dynamics the deeper problem here?

Cloey Callahan for WorkLife

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Step aside, Madeira – there’s a new nomad hub in town. Could the whitewashed fishing villages of Algarve become Portugal's latest digital nomad hotspot? People seem to think so.

Annette Christmas for Euro Weekly News

The city of Baghdad is keen to shed its reputation as a recovering warzone. The Iraqi capital now has everything from coworking spaces to CrossFit gyms, and even an ‘American Room’?! Are you ready to visit? (TIL: Nomad Insurance covers trips to Iraq 👀)

Uptin for YouTube


TikTok faces a potential U.S. ban, mirroring Facebook and Google’s long-standing struggles in China. The internet economy is splintering. Now the separation has begun, who knows how far it will go…

Russell Brandom for Rest of World

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