Are nomads a burden?

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The Estonian government makes a compelling case for citizenship as a product. Leveraging its nearly complete digital state service platform, its e-Residency program has infused €213 million into the economy over the past decade. Could other European nations soon follow suit?

Liina Vahtras for Eesti Rahvusringhääling

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Expat life: a mix of longing for your home country, loneliness in your new one, and existing outside of your comfort zone constantly. New Amazon show 'Expats' captures that feeling through the stories of three Americans living abroad in Hong Kong as they go through a complex cycle of displacement, discovery, and the elusive quest for belonging. Wine recommended 🍷

June Berman for TIME


White collar workers now enjoy the flexibility of remote and hybrid work, but 80% of Americans still perform their work fully in-person. New data delves into the demographic differences shaping today's American labor market...Do the disparities reflect an anomaly, or are there deeper factors at play?

Ben Casselman et al. for The New York Times

On one hand, nomads are criticized for fuelling gentrification. On the other, there's evidence that nomads boost local economies and stimulate entrepreneurship. As more countries open their doors to nomads, can visas serve the interests of locals, governments, and nomads alike?

Jan Bednorz for The Conversation


Home to a “spacecraft cemetery” and allegedly, the sea monster; known as Cthulhu, eerie things are said to happen at Point Nemo. Oceanographers are picking up an ultra-low frequency sound too powerful for any known living creature to have produced. Lovecraftian fiction? Or has the steady stream of space junk awoken Cthulhu…

Jennifer Byrne for Atlas Obscura

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