Nomading can be lonely

And is AI coming for your job?

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South Korea is set to introduce a digital nomad visa this year, inviting remote workers to stay in the country for up to two years. This visa complements the recently announced 'K Culture Training Visa,' designed to leverage the global appeal of Korean culture. Time for some Gangnam style?

Angela Symons for Euro News

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Since ChatGPT went mainstream last year, AI has infiltrated nearly every aspect of our lives–including the job market. Estimates indicate it’ll create 97 million new roles by 2030, many of them remote, but the question is: do humans have the skills needed to step into them?

Morgan Smith for CNBC

Can anyone escape the tyranny of the personal brand? These days, social media is what tells execs if artistic work will sell. “Next thing you know, it’s been three years and you’ve spent almost no time on your art. You’re becoming a great marketer for a product which is less and less good.”

Rebecca Jennings for Vox

Loneliness is perhaps the hardest part of being a nomad, and moving from place to place without deep connections can amplify that feeling of isolation. Luckily, though, researchers may have found an unexpected antidote...

Eliza Relman for Business Insider


The once-abandoned Los Alamos Hotel in Spain’s Costa del Sol is undergoing a €25 million renovation. The goal? An eco-friendly coliving space of 15,000 square feet that can accommodate 200 nomads. Sounds like a pop-up city waiting to happen…

Walter Finch for The Olive Press


A decade-old social media sensation, this unusual but picturesque little house was widely believed to be the home of singer-songwriter Björk. Known as the "world's loneliest house," it’s the sole structure on a remote Icelandic island. But this house is far from lonely…

Atlas Obscura Podcast

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