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Why everyone’s mad about China’s new map

Plus how to remote work at Disney World

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What do a disused church, a school, and a motorcycle garage have in common? These venues are all among the hyperlocal new coworking spaces cropping up for remote workers.

Amanda Hoover for Wired

Social media platforms are brimming with posts about this summer’s hot new coworking trend: working remotely from within the walls of a Disney theme park.

Kat Tenbarge for NBC News

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When we travel, it's typically the food at our destination we look forward to more than a quick bite while we’re waiting for a flight. Singapore’s Changi airport is seeking to change that.

The Menu for Monocle Radio


An ambitious new experiment has united 19 digital nomad families to take a four-month journey across the world together. Will this kickstart a new era of nomad parenting?

Robyn Huang for BBC


Good music can transform a ho-hum experience into a powerful one. This begs the question: Could Taylor Swift be the key to making a Botswanan safari more unforgettable?

Todd Plummer for Condé Nast Traveler


Several countries were outraged when China launched its new standard map last year–an artwork that extends the country’s boundaries, drawing attention to its collection of ongoing border disputes…

Johnny Harris for YouTube


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