The end of email?

Hypnotherapy for flying

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Many think this Thai city is just another overrun digital nomad hotspot. What you’ll actually find there is far more intriguing. Find out why Chiang Mai is defying all expectations...

Brent Hartinger and Michael Jensen for Yahoo Life

For most, flying is routine, but for some, it triggers intense anxiety. From CBT to hypnotherapy, people are learning how to transform panic into peace at 30,000 feet.

Olivia Morelli for Condé Nast Traveler

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Gen Z is grappling with email stress: their preference for instant communication adds extra pressure as unread emails pile up. Could we be moving towards an email-free future?

Jennifer Liu for CNBC

Madrid and Madeira may seem like obvious nomad hubs, complete with enticing work culture and visa perks. But there are a few surprising entries on this list, including a couple of unexpected North American cities...

Chloe Berger for Fortune


What makes a great business idea? A combination of passion and profitability is the sweet spot, and the secret to hitting it is more intuitive than you'd think…

Marin Godechot for Indie Hackers


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