Why CEOs hate WFH

Your last meeting cost $5k

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While employees relish the flexibility of remote work, some CEOs are still pushing for a return to the office. Is it the empty buildings? The need to maintain control? Or are they truly convinced that in-person work is more productive?

Ron Miller for TechCrunch

Between packed calendars, burned-out employees, and dwindling productivity, the case against meetings is growing stronger. But how much do meetings actually cost companies? The answer is unsettling.

Hailey Mensik for WorkLife

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South Africa's new nomad visa law aims to boost its tech ecosystem. But with intellectual property rights under threat, software developers – who might have otherwise welcomed the visa – are wary…

Ephraim Modise for Techcabal

Good food, plenty of sun, low cost of living – Spain appears to have all the ingredients to be home to globally-renowned nomad hubs. But a year after launching its nomad visa, success has been muted. The question is, why?

Graham Keeley for Euro News Travel


On the surface, Dubai's gig economy appears to be thriving. Yet, a closer look reveals a city of stark contrasts. While white-collar remote workers enjoy the city's luxuries, low-wage gig workers face a drastically different reality.

Meaghan Tobin for Rest of World

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