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Your beach towel is breaking the law

The $6.8 million remote work scam

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For many, work from anywhere is the ultimate hack to a life of adventure and fulfillment. But how do folks starting out on this path land their first remote job?

Kennedy Edgerton for Harvard Business Review

An Arizona woman, a set of stolen identities, and hundreds of Fortune 500 companies… The result? An intricate scam that evaded US sanctions and mysteriously funneled $6.8 million to North Korea.

Joshua Zitser for Business Insider

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The value of Egypt’s currency has plummeted 50% in two years. Amid dwindling revenue streams, skyrocketing inflation and rising import costs, a $5 billion IMF loan brings both hope and tough reforms.

Uptin for YouTube


From fines for beach towels in Sardinia to bans on loud music in Portugal, Europe’s new laws for tourists seem extreme. Are countries going too far or is this a justified response to the growing influx of travelers?

Rédaction Africa News


Portuguese-speaking African content creators are moving to Brazil to capitalize on the strength of the country’s creator economy. But despite success stories like Baptista Miranda – who holds the title of most-followed Angolan on social media – racism and xenophobia are a growing problem…

Matheus Andrade and Daniela Dib for Rest of World

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How does music factor into your travel experience?

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 I create playlists for different destinations (35%)

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