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Health & safety

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Emergency numbers

Main Emergency Number 911

Hospitals in Toronto

Since the public healthcare system in Canada has above average quality of care, you shouldn't be too worried about which hospital you will go to. In case of an accident, simply go to your nearest one.

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"I've seen Toronto at all hours of the day and night, and the downtown and nomad hotspots all feel very safe. Most streets are well-lit at night, too, which adds another layer of comfort for anyone out after hours."
Jordan Bishop, Founder of Yore Oyster

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Best travel insurance for Toronto

Travel insurance isn't mandatory but recommended. 
Choose a plan that offers coverage for Covid-19 and unexpected quarantine.


*this information is taken from the official CDC website

Being up to date with routine vaccinations is all you need when traveling to Canada.

Drinkable tap water?


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