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Health & safety

Cover photo by Ramaz Bluashvili

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Emergency numbers

Main emergency helpline (with a bilingual operator) 112

Hospitals in Tbilisi

As the capital city, Tbilisi is home to the country's major hospitals and clinics. These facilities are generally well-equipped and offer a wide range of medical services. Tbilisi State Medical University Hospital is one of the leading medical centers in the country, while private clinics are more likely to have English-speaking staff since they cater to expats as well.

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Is Tbilisi safe for solo female travelers?

"I could not have felt safer in Tbilisi, even as a solo female traveler. Tbilisi has a relatively low crime rate compared to other European cities of similar size, and Georgians are known for their hospitality and friendliness. Morning and night both felt safe in Tbilisi, safer than many large cities in Canada or the US."
Natasha from The World Pursuit

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Best travel insurance for Tbilisi, Georgia

You'll need travel insurance if you're applying for the "Remote from Georgia" program.


*this information is taken from the official CDC website Being up to date with routine vaccinations should be enough. You can check with your doctor if they recommend taking additional ones against:

  • Rabies

  • Hepatitis A & B

Drinkable tap water?

Yes, tap water is drinkable. You can always stick to bottled water if you're worried about potential stomach issues.

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