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section type iconCovid restrictions

🟠 Partially closed to international travelers

Taiwan still has a temporary ban on international travelers in place, with the exception:

  • Foreign relatives and spouses (with their children under the age of 20) of Taiwanese citizens

  • ARC/APRC/Gold Card holders and business travelers

  • International students, foreign professors and researchers.

These groups can apply for a special permit online to enter Taiwan. There are no quarantine requirements for arrivals but, in the first 7 days, travelers have to stay “one person per room”. There is no set date for other travelers when these border measures will be lifted.

Where can I get a PCR or antigen test within 24 hours?

Self-pay COVID-19 tests are widely available at hospitals throughout Taiwan, with test results available within 24 hours. Head to the nearest clinic or check this list of designated hospitals that provide PCR tests.

If you have symptoms of COVID-19, please visit the Centers for Disease Control website or call the Communicable Disease Prevention and Reporting Hotline at 1922 for information.

Can I get vaccinated here as a foreigner?

Yes, most private hospitals offer vaccination packages (and booster shots). Most will require an appointment made in advance, visit the website of your closest hospital to check.

section type iconVisa information

Taiwan started a visa-free initiative in 2022 for a number of countries.

If you're a digital nomad or remote worker, you might be interested in their Entrepreneur visa.

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