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In the city

Sandiaojiao Lighthouse — A lighthouse built in 1935 with panoramic views.

Daan Forest Park

Dahu Park — 25-minute MRT from the center of Taipei. It has a large lake and is close to several hills and hiking trails.

Dajia Riverside Park — Great for bike rides along the river.

Xinsheng Park Area of Taipei Expo Park — The food court and farmer’s market happen on the weekends.

Outside the city

Day trip (<1 hour drive from the city) Jiufen — A beautiful town in the hills northeast of Taipei, famous for its food (particularly fish and meatball soup!) You'll get there within an hour by car, but it's 1:30mins by bus.

Beitou — An easy train ride out of the city center to Yangmingshan National Park with its Beitou district, famous for open-air hot springs.

Wulai — Natural springs, waterfalls, and extensive traditional delicacies served up by the local Atayan people.

Weekend trip (>1 hour drive from the city)

Kaohsiung City — Take the Highspeed Rail, train, or bus to visit the beach.

Sandiaojiao Lighthouse
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