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Health & safety

section type iconEmergency information

Emergency numbers

Police: 110

Ambulance & fire department: 119

Hospitals in Valencia

Taiwanese Healthcare is efficient, and accessible, with short wait times and low costs due to nationalized healthcare. Some of the top-rated hospitals in Taipei are: Chang Gung Memorial Hospital China Medical University Hospital Taipei Veteran’s Memorial Hospital

Dental Longwood Dental Clinic Art of Dental Clinic C&W Dental-Facial Clinic

section type iconSafety information

Is Taipei safe for solo female travelers?

"Yes! Taiwanese people are very friendly and respectful, especially if you know a bit of Mandarin (Chinese). Many Taiwanese in Taipei speak English and there's a robust traveler network there; you'll make many good friends if you look in the right places."
Emily Fang, The Fang Girl & community entrepreneur

section type iconHealth information

Best travel insurance for Taipei

Travel insurance isn't mandatory, but recommended. 
Choose a plan that offers coverage for Covid-19 and unexpected quarantine.

For long-term stay: Enrollment in NHI (a government-run social health insurance program) is mandatory for all citizens and for foreigners legally residing in Taiwan for longer than six months.


*this information is taken from the official CDC website

Being up to date with routine vaccinations should be enough when traveling to Taiwan.

Drinkable tap water?


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