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Health & safety

section type iconEmergency information

Emergency numbers

Police: 110

Ambulance & fire department: 119

Hospitals in Taipei

Taiwanese Healthcare is efficient, and accessible, with short wait times and low costs due to nationalized healthcare. Some of the top-rated hospitals in Taipei are: Chang Gung Memorial Hospital National Taiwan University Hospital Taipei Veteran’s Memorial Hospital

Dental Longwood Dental Clinic Art of Dental Clinic C&W Dental-Facial Clinic

section type iconSafety information

Is Taipei safe for solo female travelers?

"Yes! Taiwanese people are very friendly and respectful, especially if you know a bit of Mandarin (Chinese). Many Taiwanese in Taipei speak English and there's a robust traveler network there; you'll make many good friends if you look in the right places."
Emily Fang, The Fang Girl & community entrepreneur

section type iconHealth information

Best travel insurance for Taipei

Travel insurance isn't mandatory, but recommended. 
Choose a plan that offers coverage for Covid-19 and unexpected quarantine.

For long-term stay: Enrollment in NHI (a government-run social health insurance program) is mandatory for all citizens and for foreigners legally residing in Taiwan for longer than six months.


*this information is taken from the official CDC website

Being up to date with routine vaccinations should be enough when traveling to Taiwan.

Drinkable tap water?

No. While Taiwan’s tap water is drinkable when it is freshly released from treatment plants, it may get contaminated on the way to your home.

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