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Health & safety

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section type iconEmergency information

Emergency numbers

Main Emergency Number 911

Ambulance 128

Hospitals in Puerto Viejo

The nearest hospitals with advanced medical care are in the city of Limon (1-hour drive away) but all pharmacies in Puerto Viejo have an in-house pharmacist/doctor that can treat minor injuries. There is an emergency medical service in downtown Puerto Viejo, and Hone Creek Clinic also provides basic medical services.

section type iconSafety information

"Always be careful. For example, if I was out at a bar with my friends, and my husband decided to go home early, I probably wouldn’t stick around with my girlfriends, keep on dancing, and then bike home by myself later on. I'd try to stick with a group late at night."
Sam Laliberte

section type iconHealth information

Best travel insurance for Puerto Viejo

Travel insurance is mandatory for the duration of your trip. 
Choose a plan that offers coverage for Covid-19 and unexpected quarantine.


*this information is taken from the official CDC website

Apart from routine vaccines, check with your doctor if they recommend taking additional ones against:

  • Typhoid

  • Rabies

  • Yellow fever

  • Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis)

Drinkable tap water?

No. Tap water is drinkable in some parts of Costa Rica but not in Puerto Viejo.

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