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Nature & outdoors

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In the city

Explore the brutalist architecture characteristic to the Balkan area — some spots in Podgorica include Blok 5, the city's Catholic Church, the University of Montenegro and other residential buildings scattered around town.

Karver Bookstore — Find the hidden library/coffee shop under a bridge

Petrović castle — There is a beautiful garden with sculptures as well.

Morača river — A walking area with parks, bridges and access to the river.

Outside the city

Day trip (<1 hour drive from the city)

Šipčanik Wine Cellar — Only 15 min drive from the city!

Roman Ruins Of Doclea

Skadar Lake National Park

Weekend trip (>1 hour drive from the city)

Durmitor National Park

Prokletije National Park

Biogradska Gora National Park

Durmitor National Park
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Gyms and studios

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