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Nature & outdoors

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In the city

Punta Esmeralda Beach — It has its own cenote!

Mamitas Beach — One of the most popular beaches in Playa, this is the place to go if you are looking for social life & beach parties.

Outside the city

Day trip (<1 hour drive from the city)

Cozumel — Just a short ferry ride away from Playa. Rent a motorbike for a day and explore the island's beaches and snorkeling spots.

Cenote Azul in Playa Del Carmen — An open-air cenote with lots of hangout spots next to the water (there's an entry fee though, so bring cash!)

Weekend trip (>1 hour drive from the city)

Chichén Itzá — These famous Mayan ruins are more than a 2-hour drive from Playa del Carmen, but you can combine it with an overnight stay at one of the nearby cities like Valladolid. It's a less touristy town where you can experience the local culture.

Holbox— Catch a ferry from Chiquilla port or a short flight to the island from Cancun. This island is car-free and has a sleepy beach town feel.

Isla Mujeres — An old pirate hideaway, Isla Mujeres is appealing both for its nature and its history. You can get there by taking a ferry from Cancun or booking a catamaran tour departing directly from Playa.

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