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Health & safety

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Emergency numbers

General Emergencies: 191

Hospitals in Chiang Mai

Phuket has a lot of modern, well-equipped hospitals. The cost of care is relatively low for the hospital's high standards of care.

Bangkok Hospital Phuket is the leading hospital on the island.

section type iconHealth information

Best travel insurance for Phuket

Travel insurance isn't mandatory, but recommended. 
Choose a plan that offers coverage for Covid-19 and unexpected quarantine. If you plan to ride a motorbike or moped, make sure you have the correct license and that you're wearing your helmet (travel insurance usually won't cover you if you were not following the local safety rules and regulations!)


*this information is taken from the official CDC website

Apart from routine vaccines, check with your doctor if they recommend taking additional ones against:

- Hepatitis A - Hepatitis B - Typhoid - Rabies - Diphtheria - Tetanus

Drinkable tap water?

No, however, stick to bottled water.

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