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In the city

Karura forest

Nairobi National Park — This is the best option for a day safari, just outside of Nairobi, where you can see the famous "Kenya's big 5": leopard, rhinoceros, lion, buffalo and elephant.

Outside the city

Day trip (<2 hour drive from the city)

Central Highlands — You can visit tea and coffee plantations in this area and learn more about these vital Kenyan industries.

Lake Naivasha — Take a cruise to Crescent Island Game Park, home of giraffes, zebra, and antelope, while observing hippos en route. You can also visit Elsamere, a cozy lakeshore lodge.

Weekend trip (>2 hour drive from the city)

Malindi — With a short 1h20min flight you can reach this Swahili-inspired architectural gem, and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere, fresh seafood, pristine beaches, and sunny weather.

Masai Mara — For the Masai Mara to make sense as a weekend trip, you will need to take a flight or a very early excursion leaving from Nairobi. You can then enjoy a late morning - afternoon in the National Park and make the most of your Sunday before heading back to the capital.

Amboseli National Park — This national park is known for its large elephant herds and views of immense Mount Kilimanjaro, across the border in Tanzania.

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