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section type iconCovid restrictions

🟢 Open to international travelers

There are no entry restrictions or specific requirements related to Covid-19 to enter Mexico. The land border between Mexico and the US is now open, but only for vaccinated travelers heading to the US.

Where can I get a PCR or antigen test within 24 hours?

Azova service schedules the best time to collect a test sample from you from your hotel, and deliver the results in less than 24 hours.

Can I get vaccinated here as a foreigner?

Mexico announced that non-residents will have access to vaccines against Covid-19 and, while the process hasn't been smooth and some people were denied when showing up at the clinics, you should check with your nearby hospital.

section type iconVisa information

Tourists don't have an automatic right to the 180-day maximum stay anymore. Don't lose the ‘Forma Migratoria Múltiple’ you are given when you arrive, you'll need it when leaving the country. That form indicates the number of days you're allowed to stay in the country.

A few things that can help you get the number of days you want:

  • Proof of accommodation for the entire duration of your stay

  • Proof of sufficient funds for the entire trip (for example, your bank account statement)

  • Return flight booked.

While Mexico doesn't have a digital nomad visa, their Temporary Residence permit is a great option. It allows you to stay in the country for six months to 4 years, and you can apply for permanent residence after it expires. You won't be allowed to work for a business in Mexico with this visa. If you need specific visa information or help with your application, reach out to Immigration Consultants Mexico.

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