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Nature & outdoors

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In the city

Plato Ski Slopes — Bansko is a Ski resort town, and a gondola to the mountain. However, the queue is notoriously long in the winter mornings. The mountain offers a variety of runs, but might not be as challenging for advanced skiers. You can rent skis in the city, or bring your own!

Thermal pools — Grab a taxi or rideshare and escape to the neighboring village of Banya and their natural thermal pools, just 15 minutes away.

Outside the city

Day trip (<1 hour drive from the city) Rila Monastery — 10th-century monastery surrounded by the high slopes of the Rila Mountains.

Rila 7 Lakes hike — Don't miss this if you're already visiting the Rila Monastery.

Weekend trip (<1 hour drive from the city) Plovdiv — The cultural capital of Bulgaria. Enjoy a show in an ancient Roman Amphitheatre, or visit the Ancient Bath. The cheapest and easiest way to get there is via a 3-hour bus ride or a 6-hour train ride from Bansko.

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Gyms and studios

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