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Nature & outdoors

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In the city

Hortus Botanicus — A botanical garden with a cafe in the city center. Vondelpark — One of the city’s biggest parks, with an outdoor open-air theater, playgrounds, food stalls, and more.

Outside the city

Day trip (<45 min drive from the city) Naardermeer — a nature reserve with several lakes connected by waterways. You can take the train from Amsterdam Centraal to Naarden-Bussum station. 
Zuid-Kennemerland — The closest national park to the city. All cycling paths are wheelchair accessible. Loosdrechtse Plassen — Netherlands has several lake districts throughout the country that you can visit by car, train or bike.

Weekend trip (>45 min drive from the city) Brussels, Paris, and Cologne — All of these European cities are just a short trip away from Amsterdam by train.

Rotterdam — The second largest city in the Netherlands, with great nightlife, museums, and a historic part of the town called Delftshaven. If you want to explore smaller dutch towns nearby, follow this guide.

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Gyms and studios

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