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Working remotely as a digital nomad in Honduras

by Pema Chinyam
calendar iconMay 18
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Pema, SafetyWing’s Nomadic Content Creator, is paid to travel and document 10 amazing coworking destinations from around the world. If you want to see her diving adventures in Honduras, check out her YouTube video!

Working remotely as a digital nomad in Honduras

Roatan is a dream for digital nomads. A pristine Caribbean island off the coast of Honduras, Roatan offers a relaxed pace of life combined with different activities. The island is home to canopied jungles, white sandy beaches, and spectacular diving. Scuba diving shops line the shore at West End, and the freediving school regularly hosts world championships. Aside from its natural gifts, the Honduran locals are laid-back and welcoming, and the cost of living is not too high for remote workers. Altogether, coworking in Roatan is a must-do for the sun-seeking nomad. 

Roatan Island as a digital nomad base

There's currently no digital nomad visa for Honduras, but there are 84 countries whose nationals can stay for 90 days without a visa. Those not on the list will have to apply for a tourist visa. Make sure you have proof of onward travel to enter the country either way. There is also an international airport on the island, giving easy access to travelers.

Honduras was the last stop on my Dream Job campaign trip, and my favorite. It was a chance to slow down and enjoy the little moments. I made a few good local friends, while also training intently to reach a new personal best in freediving.

I stayed in the fun, backpacker/diver area of Roatan, West End. The cabin I rented was surrounded by nature, just two minutes from the beach. I didn’t know it was the party zone, but it was very quiet in my accommodation. Perks of West End include easy access to nightlife, dive shops, coffee shops and the most diverse dining on the island. It’s also a lot cheaper than the fancier West Bay. The price of food and Airbnbs is always higher there, so I wouldn’t recommend it for a long-term stay. You can take a water taxi or collectivo taxi to that area for only a few dollars.

Activities in Roatan

Whether you’re into scuba diving, snorkeling or freediving, Roatan is one of the best places in the world to explore the ocean. The reefs just outside West Bay and West End would be the best most travelers have seen. I had my most productive week of freediving training there, with crystal clear waters and warm temperatures even in the off-season. I nearly always had sightings of big fish while I was training, which just goes to show how rich the marine life is there. 

But if diving isn’t your thing, there are still gorgeous beaches on the Bay islands to explore, and jungle eco-adventures like zip lining. The local chocolate factories are also well worth the visit.

Coworking in Roatan

It couldn’t have been more effortless training in the mornings, grabbing a local breakfast for $3 (baleadas), then heading to the Beach Desk coworking space to work.

Along with fast Wifi and great amenities, Beach Desk had incredible views of the ocean. It was the perfect place for remote work on the island. The community is great and I was lucky to meet many expats and entrepreneurs there during my trip. In the evenings, either my freediving friends or coworking colleagues would have events organized. Networking and making friends was exceptionally easy here. On top of that, the locals were incredibly social, and I felt like I knew everyone on the main street after a week. I also never felt unsafe walking alone at night, and everyone I met was genuinely awesome.

Wrap-Up: Life as a Digital Nomad in Roatan

While a carefree island life might not appeal to all, it’s an absolute dream for most. In Roatan, you’ll find the world-class Caribbean beaches and island lifestyle of your dreams. Central America, in general, has been rapidly gaining popularity amongst digital nomads since the pandemic. When you’re not out exploring the vibrant reefs or engaging in other year-round activities on the island, you can work a stone’s throw from the water with fast and reliable Wifi. In short, it’s a paradise, and one of my favorite locations so far to be a digital nomad. 

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