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Best places to work remotely from: Larnaca, Cyprus

by Pema Chinyam
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Pema, SafetyWing’s Nomadic Content Creator, is paid to travel and document 10 amazing coworking destinations around the world. If you want to see more about her diving adventures in Cyprus, check out her YouTube!

Known as the birthplace of Aphrodite, Cyprus has one of the longest-dating cultures in the Western World. In fact, it lies at the crossroads of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, with a history that reflects the rise and fall of ancient empires. Today, while the island is well known by tourists, it has also become a favorite for digital nomads.

My experience coworking in Cyprus

As far as coworking destinations go, Cyprus is a gem. It offers stunning natural beauty, Mediterranean quality of life, and low cost of living. The island also has incredible incentives for foreign talent. It's one of the few places in the world where angel investors outnumber start-ups. The IT and corporate infrastructure are beneficial for remote investors, digital entrepreneurs, and creatives. A newly introduced Digital Nomad Visa also complements the attractive Non-Domicile tax program.

Given its rising popularity, Cyprus has welcomed a number of new coworking spaces. The majority of offices are located in the cities of Limassol, Nicosia, and Paphos.

Working remotely from Larnaca

Larnaca is a very convenient base in Cyprus. It's the third-largest city has an International Airport. It is also the oldest city in Cyprus, having been continuously inhabited for over 4,000 years.

Outside of being a historic center, Larnaca features incredible beaches. Palm trees, cafes, and bars line the promenade at Finikoudes. The waterfront is an excellent place to try traditional Cypriot fare, mezes, and halloumi cheese. Militzis was one of our favorite spots there.

Finally, Larnaca is a great place for divers. One of the best scuba dives in the world is just outside the harbor, the Xenophobia. But if scuba diving isn't your thing, the water here is the warmest in Europe. The Underwater Museum of Musan in Ayia Napa is also only a 40-minute drive away.

My favorite coworking space in Cyprus

NATIVE Monthly membership: 240€ (fixed desk)

NATIVE is a conveniently located coworking space in Larnaca's Old Town district. It's close to the water, Finikoudes beach, and just around the corner from the Church of St Lazarus. The space features 14 permanent/hot desks, 2 private offices fitting 6 people each, a conference room, kitchen, and a chill-out space. Additionally, there are booths available to make calls, and free coffee & tea.

I found the space to be airy, light, and very productive. The location next to countless cafes, restaurants, and local snack bars was great too. The founders also have an enthusiasm for cultivating the digital nomad community in Cyprus which clearly shows. Just make sure to book in advance since desk space is limited.

Honorable Mention

Ohouse Coworking Monthly membership: 180€ (fixed desk)

While I didn't get the chance to work at Ohouse personally, I've added it to the list because of the work of one of its partners - a community organizer and event producer, Poppy Olympia. In my initial survey of the Cyprus coworking culture, her name kept being mentioned. She was very quick to offer assistance and invite new members to networking events, nights out, and working lunches. She has a new venture, Cyprus Nomads, launching soon and I can only imagine it'll be a wonderful space for remote workers to connect.

Where I stayed in Cyprus

I stayed in Ayia Napa, a resort town in the far east of the island. I wouldn't recommend this unless you're a diver as it's a party town. It's not the best place to stay long-term. I preferred the nearby beach town of Protaras. It had all the oceanfront charm of Ayia Napa without the crazy nightlife.

That said, I lived by some of the best beaches on the island, and could swim to the underwater museum. My host Pieris epitomized Cypriot hospitality and gave plenty of great recommendations. What's more, I could take a bus into Larnaca to visit the coworking spaces there. It is a long bus ride, but I felt bad working from the high-turnover cafes in Ayia Napa.

As a whole, I found the digital nomad community in Cyprus to be extremely welcoming. There are great resources online, and an active Facebook Group. The admins and group members were quick to offer advice and invite me to community events. There was plenty on offer: from after-hour drinks to sailing cruises and quirky coliving spaces.

Next, Paphos is a great location if you want to explore the historical side of Cyprus. It's a popular British expat location. Finally, Nicosia is the largest city and capital of Cyprus. To this day, it's divided between the Republic of Cyprus, and Northern Cyprus (a country only recognized by Türkiye). The divided Old Town can be a fascinating place to learn about the recent political history of this ancient place.

Housing options can be found on Airbnb,, or through one of the Cyprus Digital Nomad Facebook groups. The community members on Facebook have put together a housing thread to help new members find housing for short or long-term stays on the island. Visiting outside the busy season is also a great way to save on accommodation.

Life in Cyprus as a digital nomad

For those seeking a sunny island to base from, Cyprus is hard to beat. The abundance of coworking spaces, incubators, and community offerings make Cyprus easy to work from and integrate into. And for those seeking longer-term residency in Cyprus, the tax incentives are extremely attractive.

But aside from the administrative reasons to call Cyprus home, the island is also wildly romantic. The sunbaked shores and azure waters feel straight out of a Greek Classic. With ancient walled cities and temples to explore. The Mediterranean pace of life has a sublime influence on work-life balance, and locals are more than happy to show you the way.

If you want to stay in Cyprus for longer than just a few months, check out our guide for applying for Cyprus digital nomad visa. If you enjoyed this blog series, check out Pema's previous guide to working remotely from Larnaca, Cyprus.

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