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Best places to work remotely from: Cape Town, South Africa

by Pema Chinyam
calendar iconApr 14
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Pema, SafetyWing’s Nomadic Content Creator, is paid to travel and document 10 amazing coworking destinations from around the world. If you want to see more about her travels through South Africa, check out her YouTube video!

Cape Town is a well-developed digital nomad hub. Outside of the rolling blackouts that can cause power and Wifi shortages, it's close to perfect. There are several coworking chains and independent offices offering amazing shared workspaces at affordable prices. The local coffee shops understand and cater to remote workers, and coliving apartments are on the rise. The Cape Town coworking scene was already popular before the pandemic, but it's rapidly grown over the past few years.

Cape Town as a digital nomad home base

South Africa announced it would be launching a digital nomad visa in April 2022. While further details haven't been announced, it's rumored to have a minimum income requirement of $3000 USD per month. Even without the digital nomad visa, many travelers can still visit for up to 90 days visa-free.

There are very active digital nomad Facebook and WhatsApp groups that make socializing with other remote workers easy. Casual hangs can look like a rooftop brunch, a hike up Lionshead, or a beach day with the penguins. The city is also an amazing base for adventures along the Cape as well as further into South Africa. All these activities are much more affordable than they'd be in other big cities as the cost of living here is very low.

Despite the rolling blackouts and instances of petty crime, Cape Town is probably one of the best places in the world for a digital nomad. I couldn't believe how active and inviting the digital nomad group chats were. Someone was always planning a hike, hangout, or event. I managed to meet up with people from all corners of the world on each of my Cape Town excursions. People are excited to be here and it shows.

Where I stayed in Cape Town

I was based in an apartment complex with 2 coworking spaces of its own. It was a relief to work comfortably without leaving my building, and I had top-notch sushi delivered nightly for about $10 USD.

Where you choose to stay in Cape Town can greatly influence how much you'll enjoy it. I stayed in a gentrified area, District 6. Unfortunately, it was just a few blocks away from petty crime-prone areas. I had a police car trail me and tell me I was in an unsafe area. I also had a local friend who'd just been robbed at knifepoint along a popular trail. Apparently, these instances are easy enough to avoid but can still be of concern.

I learned from both local and nomadic friends that most travelers choose to stay around Green Point or Sea Point. These areas offer walkable access to amazing dining, nightlife, and cafe culture right by the water. I also recommend the apartment building I stayed in, the Harrington. I booked a beautiful loft here through Airbnb for about $60 USD per night. The building included 24/7 security, a tv room, 2 coworking spaces, a lounge, a rooftop bbq area, laundry, and more. I was thrilled with the space.

Regardless of where you stay in this beautiful city though, expect to have access to spectacular hiking, stunning beaches, and a colorful social scene. Basing in Cape Town means being able to balance remote work with dedicated play. Something the locals are very good at.

My favorite coworking spaces in Cape Town


I visited several coworking spaces in Cape Town, and Workshop17 (Watershed) was by far my favorite. Located in a converted warehouse along the V&A Waterfront, it has expansive views of Table Mountain and the marina. It has a healthy cafe on-site, as well as a host of retailers surrounding the office. Soundproofed glass walls allow you to take in the space without forfeiting any peace. Monthly memberships start at $105 USD per month. Dedicated desks and private offices are also available.

Coffee shop to work remotely from

The Electric

Aside from proper coworking spaces, the cafes in Cape Town are very popular. I visited two that had been on several recommended lists, but both have restricted laptop use to 1 hour (Loading Bay and Origin). I assume they became too popular with digital nomads. Instead, I'd recommend trying The Electric. It's bright and airy with both indoor and outdoor seating options. The food is delicious and affordable, and the juices are a must-try.

Life in South Africa as a digital nomad

Life as a digital nomad in Cape Town is pretty spectacular. There's an abundance of sleek coworking spaces to work from, a thriving cafe culture, and a vibrant community of remote workers who call the city their home. The surrounding natural beauty provides endless outdoor pursuits. For all these merits coupled with a low cost of living and exceptional life quality, Cape Town is hands down one of the best places to be a digital nomad.

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